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Foundations Yoga

Foundations Yoga


Foundations Yoga

*Beginning yoga class*

This 4 week foundations series repeats itself and is designed to take the worry out of your first yoga experience and make your introduction to yoga enjoyable! This series is also beneficial for seasoned yogis who want a refresher course or to get back to basics.

WEEK 1: The basics: breathing, sitting, mountain pose and deep relaxation.

In this first foundational class where you will explore breathing and how to recognize and change poor breathing habits. You will also learn how to harness the breath as an aide for extended holds and for flowing from one yoga pose to the next.

Next, learn to sit! Many new students report that one of the most challenging postures is simply to sit with legs crossed on the floor! Learn stretches to prepare for extended sitting (as in meditation) and how to recognize when there is tension in your hips and hamstrings and how to support yourself with props or by making simple adjustments so you can stay comfortably seated!

Now stand up! Sounds easy enough, but let’s face it, many of us have developed poor standing habits. Learn to analyze your own posture and where you may need to bring some more awareness in or “tweak it”. Learn about mountain pose, and the universal principals of this asana which can be carried over to almost every other standing pose!

“Savasana,” deep relaxation. All yoga classes end with a brief period of “savasana,” or deep relaxation… Let go and learn to relax.

Students will also be encouraged to start to develop a home practice which will increase over the course of the 4 weeks.

WEEK 2: Basic Sun Salutation: Surya Namaskar

The Sun Salutation or, “Surya Namaskar,” is a series of poses performed in a sequence to create a flow of movement. It is also the basis of most vinyasa classes. In this second class, you will build on last week’s lesson by applying previous techniques and poses to the sun salutation and learn additional postures such as: runner’s lunge, plank, four-limbed staff, cobra, upward and downward dog.

WEEK 3 Sun Salutations Continued: adding on and refining the poses.

This week we learn additional standing postures (Warrior I & 2, Side Angle Pose, Triangle Pose, and Head-to-Knee Pose) to add to the basic sun salutation and get to know the more subtle aspects of postures such as when and how to engage specific muscles, when and how to relax them, and how stacking your joints allows you to use the “scaffolding” of your physical structure to safely support yourself in yoga postures and avoid injuries.

WEEK 4 Final Wrap-Up: additional seated postures and turning yourself upside down!

In the final week of this foundations series, you will continue to refine your sun salutations and everything we’ve covered so far. You will have the opportunity to explore sun salutations on your own, and to ask any remaining questions about what you’ve learned or experienced over the past 4 weeks. You will also explore additional seated and reclined, “cool-down” postures (such as a seated forward fold, seated twist, reclined figure four and reclined twist) and learn how safely move into a basic inversion at the end of your practice if you choose!