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- We'd love to help you achieve your dream of becoming a yoga teacher!

The valley's first comprehensive, All-inclusive training! Learn HOT and Not with No additional add on costs! Master and teach our Hot Yoga Evolved Integrative Method ®, Vinyasa and Hatha classes in non heated settings, Sound Healing, our trademarked HOTFIIT® , Iron Sculpt, meditation and much more!

We are proud to be a Yoga Alliance Approved 200 Hour Teacher Training

Yoga Studies 200 Yoga Teacher Training Begins January 8th! 13 weeks Monday-Thursday 9am-1pm email us at [email protected]

$10 drop-ins any class, any time, any day, since 2012!

*The instructors scheduled to teach are subject to change without notice.
*We blissfully offer 10 minutes of silent meditation after each class.
*Click on a class name below for more information about each class.

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Hot Yoga Classes Non-Heated Classes


6:00AM Cardio Flow Karin
8:00AM Iron Sculpt Karin
9:00AM Hatha Karin
12:00PM Cardio Flow Effie
4:30PM Hatha Heidi
4:30PM Kundalini Tiffany
5:45PM Cardio Flow Karin
6:00PM All-Levels Mimi
7:00PM Hatha Veronica
7:15PM Pilates Core Lisa
8:10PM HOTFIIT Laura Jo


6:00AM Hatha Heidi
8:00AM HOTFIIT Effie
9:00AM Cardio Flow Effie
12:00PM Hatha Heidi
4:30PM Cardio Flow Effie
5:45PM Hatha Effie
6:00PM Pilates Core Lisa
7:00PM Iron Sculpt Nicole


6:00AM Cardio Flow Veronica
8:00AM Iron Sculpt Effie
9:00AM Hatha Veronica
12:00PM Iron Sculpt Veronica
4:30PM Hatha Karin
5:45PM Cardio Flow Mimi
6:00PM Kundalini Tiffany
7:00PM Hatha Diana
7:15PM Yoga Nidra Carol
8:10PM HOTFIIT Diana


6:00AM Hatha Karin
8:00AM HOTFIIT Effie
9:00AM Cardio Flow Effie
12:00PM Hatha Veronica
4:30PM Cardio Flow Mimi
5:45PM Hatha Effie
6:00PM All-Levels Sallie
7:00PM Iron Sculpt Nicole
7:15PM Funky Flow Mimi


6:00AM Cardio Flow Laura Jo
8:00AM Iron Sculpt Karin
9:00AM Hatha Karin
12:00PM Cardio Flow Rick
4:30PM Hatha Christina
5:45PM Cardio Flow Veronica
6:00PM Yin Heidi
7:15PM Yoga Nidra Karin


9:00AM Hatha Karin
9:15AM All-Levels Lexy
10:15AM Iron Sculpt Nicole
12:00PM Cardio Flow Rick
1:15PM Meditation Rick
2:00PM Hatha Christina
3:15PM Yoga Nidra Carol


8:00AM HOTFIIT Laura Jo
8:45AM All-Levels Sallie
9:00AM Cardio Flow Mimi
10:15AM Iron Sculpt Karin
12:00PM Hatha Heidi
1:15PM Yoga Nidra Clover
3:00PM Cardio Flow Rick