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Intro to Therapeutic Breathing Workshop


We are excited to have Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Certified Personal Trainer Dr. Michelle Lindsey and owner of Rising Star Therapy Specialists in the house again on September 15th for 1:30-3:30pm for a life changing workshop.

This 3 hour workshop is a must for all yogis looking for a better understanding of the breath, creating an awareness that will impact your yoga practice as well as every aspect of your life off the mat.

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September 15th 1:30-3:30 pm

Early Bird registration- Reserve your spot by 8/15 $55 -save $10

$65 after June 5th

Intro to Therapeutic Breathing

The breath is an integral focus in virtually all yoga traditions because of its profound physiological effect on healthy body mechanics. Now, research shows that yogic breathing techniques accelerate therapeutic gains for numerous conditions, such as back pain, scoliosis, tonal issues, temporal mandibular joint problems, pelvic floor issues, and numerous circulatory and respiratory disorders – not to mention their calming and refocusing effects on patients during therapy.

This course provides the tools you will need to evaluate respiration effectively, while illustrating what your standard examinations – focused on range of motion, posture, and balance – have been missing. The yogic breathing exercises taught in this course are applicable to people with everyday aches and pains. Discover a systems model approach to treatment that produces lasting results, and learn hands-on, how to teach yourself and clients anywhere, anytime exercises and body awareness skills that will keep them happy, healthy, and out of the clinic.

What You'll Learn

  • Proper breathing techniques.
  • How the breath is important for people with back pain, scoliosis, tonal issues, temporal mandibular joint problems, pelvic floor issues, scoliosis, anxiety, and numerous circulatory and respiratory disorders.
  • The impact of the core connections and diaphragm on the entire body.

Course Outline


Importance of Breath

  • Who are the best breathers?
  • Breath and Posture

The missing links in our Standard Assessment/Evaluations

  • Breath
  • Vision
  • How the breath and vision can be used as part of our observation skills and in our treatments


  • The organ of posture and breath
  • And the true core is …….?
  • Systems model approach-medicine today

Somatic psychology

Fascia connections

Acupuncture and acupressure

Understanding how this model works in therapy today

Who Should Attend this Course:

Anyone who wishes to improve quality of life is welcome to this course. No prior experience with yoga required. All health care and medical professional are highly recommended to take this course. This course qualifies as CEU’s for all medical professional. Please contact your own licensing board for specific filing requirements.

What to Bring to the Course

  • Yoga mat and water.
  • Dress in comfortable clothing that allows for exercise and free movement.
  • Pen and notebook for taking notes.

Meet the Instructor


Michelle is a certified personal trainer that has a unique ability to lead and motivate others by making a strong commitment to her own health and fitness.

She has an innovative and intuitive way of helping clients face their fears and overcome any obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their life goals.

Michelle also has expertise in the nutritional component of wellness and has helped clients through empowerment coaching.

She has traveled all over the world and has studied other aspects of wellness, including the emotional and spiritual component. She is certified in Tai massage and Reiki 1, 2 and 3 and a KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

Lindsey is the owner of Rising Star Therapy Specialists, LLC, in Phoenix, AZ, where she specializes in treating pediatric and adult clients with special needs. Michelle LindseY holds a dual Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and Physical Therapy, a Master’s of Business Administration in Health Care Management, and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Her passion for innovative treatment draws both from her experience as a clinician and her athletic background as a nationally-recognized competitive gold medal figure skater, elite marathon runner, and professional speed skater. Michelle has written two books the Wellness Equation and the Metamorphic Gift. The Metamorphic , , her newly published book, offers hands-on postures breathing techniques, and exercises that promote healing and body awareness. This book is for anyone who wants to break habits and change his/her life. For more information, please visit http://www.risingstartherapyspecialists.com.

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Bonus Book Signing
Participants will have the opportunity to purchase and have Michelle sign her newly published books after the workshop.